The Two Hundred is a state-wide coalition of community leaders, opinion makers and advocates working on behalf of low income minorities who have been affected by California’s housing crisis and increasing wealth gap.  An initiative sponsored by California Community Builders, The Two Hundred aims to mitigate the wealth gap through the advocacy of policies and laws that focus on the creation of homeownership opportunities for low income people of color.

The Two Hundred leadership, an assembly of veterans of the civil rights and social justice movements, brings a unique combination of experience that includes grassroots organizing, policy advocacy, experience in legislative processes, and a lifetime commitment to social justice.

In 2017, The Two Hundred organized a series of statewide conferences in Oakland, Sacramento, San Jose, Fresno, the Inland Empire, San Diego and Oxnard on housing opportunities for low income people of color.  Attendees included community leaders, housing advocates and legislators.  On January 25 2018, The Two Hundred will sponsor the 2018 Minorities and Millennials California Gubernatorial Candidates Forum On Affordable Housing.  Please like our Facebook page @TheTwoHundred and follow us on Twitter @the200leaders.

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