Student Homeownership Conference [December 12, 2018]

On November 28th on the UCB campus The Two Hundred+ held the second in our series of homeownership conferences for students.
The Two Hundred (The 200) has begun conducting workshops on university campuses as part of its community education and outreach program. The aim is to educate and recruit students to The 200 coalition from around the state as they are the future workforce that will carry the burden of funding the entitlements of retiring baby boomers.

Selective Gentrification? [November 30, 2018 Newsletter]

Word is getting out about CARB’s scoping plan
Most workers who commute drive because of failed short sighted housing policies that force them to seek affordable housing. Senator Wiener has just announced that over the last 10 years one million Californians have left the state because of housing costs. Those that have left are disproportionately millennials and people of color. Is this selective gentrification?

The Two Hundred Lawsuit Against CARB Moves Forward [November 13, 2018]

California superior court allows The Two Hundred’s racial discrimination lawsuit to proceed.
November 01, 2018 – A California superior court is accepting most of the claims in a lawsuit alleging that the state air board’s greenhouse gas regulatory “scoping plan” is racially discriminatory by increasing costs and litigation risks for new affordable housing development, according to a ruling on the board’s “demurrer” that seeks to dismiss the allegations.

The Two Hundred Holds Its 2019 Meeting Retreat [November 9, 2018]

Where do we go from here?
Most Americans are oblivious to the legacy or impact that redlining has on current generations of people of color in terms of health, the racial wealth gap and the ability to own a home. Our current housing crisis will require public/private solutions at both the Federal and local level. Let’s not forget that this problem has historical roots and will require a sustained effort to resolve.

UC Berkeley Mini Conference Recap [November 2, 2018]

UC Berkeley Mini Conference Recap
California Community Builders partnered with California YIMBYS (Yes In My Backyard) and held a conference in the Multicultural Community Center at UC Berkeley on October 26th, 2018.