November 2, 2018

UC Berkeley Mini Conference Recap

California Community Builders partnered with California YIMBYS (Yes In My Backyard) and held a conference in the Multicultural Community Center at UC Berkeley on October 26th, 2018.

On the left, a student at UC Berkeley who also works in the Multicultural Community Center opened up the event by discussing the core values of the space we were in. On the right, Lupe Gallegos- Diaz, The Director of Chicanx Latinx Academic Student Development Center, pitches in on the discussion of the housing crisis.

The screening of the redlining video, discussing the history of redlining and its impact on California’s people of color.

On the left, John Gamboa, President of California Community Builders, and Louis Mirante, Legislative Director of CA YIMBY, share their experiences of advocating for affordable housing in California. On the right, a student on campus studying housing poses with Sophie Ritche, our newly hired fundraising consultant. 

Overall, the attendance of the conference was somewhat disappointing and a learning experience with about 20 people in attendance. A University staff labor strike going on throughout the week, midterms finishing up and scheduling on a Friday afternoon certainly impacted attendance. Nonetheless, the people who did attend enjoyed the CCB’s redlining and CEQA videos we played and were engaged in the discussion. Two additional students have been recruited by CCB and will be starting soon. Post conference, CCB has been asked to present to several organizations on campus regarding redlining and the inhibitors to housing development.

On September 19, 2018, The Two Hundred held its Leadership Council retreat on setting the 2019 goals and objectives. Two of California’s major legislative housing advocates, Senator Scott Wiener and Assemblymember David Chiu, attended the meeting and expressed willingness to work together on 2019 legislation that addresses housing and homeownership supply.

October 5, 2018
By Herman Gallegos, John Gamboa and Robert Apodaca

Behind the Green Curtain, we have turned to the courts to force California’s climate leaders to respect our civil rights, to disclose the economic and environmental impacts of their climate policies on our communities, and to prioritize GHG reduction measures that actually reduce global GHG instead worsening our poverty, homelessness, and housing crises… Continue Reading

September 15, 2018
John Gamboa

As a lifelong advocate against exclusionary housing policies and who now fights for minorities to own homes, build wealth and achieve middle-income status with real upward economic mobility, I am very concerned that the good work being promoted by our gubernatorial candidates will be undone before it can start. The most immediate threat to a housing solution is Prop 10, the well-intentioned but flawed rental housing initiative that will be on the ballot this November… Continue Reading

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