Changing Times?

Changing Times?

Food for thought ….Is the world turning on its axis …. CEQA, the once saintly untouchable law is being challenged …. worse yet, it is being reined in by the courts …. the enlighten collective consciousness of rational thinkers has taken hold…. can it be …. and proposition 13, the third rail of California politics a source of the housing crisis …. not to worry we have a paradox …. Houston, we have a problem but what’s the rush

California Supreme Court Declines to Consider Limited Applicability of CEQA to Design Review

By Monchamp Meldrum LLP [April 18, 2019]

The Supreme Court yesterday denied a petition for review and request for depublication of McCorkle Eastside Neighborhood Group v. City of St. Helena (2018) 31 Cal.App.5th 80 (see our previous post here). This affirms the First District Court of Appeal’s holding that discretionary design review of an otherwise permitted use is not subject to the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA).

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What’s caused California’s housing crisis? Could it be our cockamamie tax system?

San Francisco Chronicle
Peter Schrag [April 20, 2019]

California’s critical housing shortage — and the poverty and misery that come with it — are at last beginning to get the attention they deserve. But in the list of causes that get the blame — the California Environmental Quality Act, NIMBYism; redundant state and local regulations — and in the proffered remedies, one culprit is often overlooked: the powerful impact of Proposition 13.

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Bay Area paradox: We need housing, but we don’t want to build faster

By Louis Hansen [April 22, 2019]

Chronic lawsuits against new Bay Area housing developments. Loud, angry protests against pro-growth legislators and mayors.

If the Bay Area has an all-season contact sport, it’s the recurring NIMBY fights against housing construction.

And although almost everyone agrees housing prices are too high, few want to see faster development to tackle the problem, according to a recent Bay Area poll for the Silicon Valley Leadership Group and this news organization.

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