Governor Takes Action

February 4, 2019

Our Governor Sets a New Tone 

We are very encouraged by our new governor’s bold decision to enforce the state housing laws – he gets thee gold stars and a pat on the back. It is only fair to give credit when credit is due. The real test will be when he gets push back from these wealthy cities. Does he have Marin county in his sights next?

California sues Huntington Beach to force it to plan low-income housing

By Alexei Koseff – January 25, 2019

SACRAMENTO — The state sued the Orange County city of Huntington Beach on Friday to force it to plan for more affordable housing, part of a campaign by Gov. Gavin Newsom to boost construction in California as residents grapple with soaring housing costs.

Newsom said Huntington Beach has refused to meet a state mandate to provide new housing for low-income people. He promised that cities that do not do their part will be “held to account.”

“The time for empty promises has come to an end,” state Attorney General Xavier Becerra wrote in the complaint, which was filed in Orange County Superior Court. California is seeking an order that would compel Huntington Beach to set aside additional sites for low-income housing.

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To solve California’s housing crisis, the state and cities must aim for the same goal

By McClatchy California Opinion Editors – February 1, 2019

First Gov. Gavin Newsom said he wanted 3.5 million new homes to be built to address California’s housing crisis. Next he sent a shock wave through municipalities with a lawsuit no one saw coming.

Newsom, through the Attorney General’s Office, sued the city of Huntington Beach on Jan. 25 for failing to have a housing plan that addresses the needs of all residents in the Orange County coastal community.

The governor’s action was the first of its kind under a new law that allows the state to sue a local jurisdiction found to be out of compliance with its housing goals.

Huntington Beach is not alone. Fifty-one other cities in California are currently listed by the state as having housing plans that are out of compliance with requirements. Among them are a handful of Valley cities — Clovis, Selma, Orange Cove, Dos Palos and Atwater — as well as the coastal resort town of Pismo Beach.

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