AB 3155 (Rivas) – Moderate Income Housing Act

The Two Hundred, Habitat for Humanity California, our wide network of local affiliates, and our volunteers in California are proud to co-sponsor AB 3155, which adapts an economic recovery tool from the Los Angeles Area to support California’s response and recovery from to the COVID-19 crisis by removing barriers that prevent the production of smaller, lower cost, more naturally affordable homeownership housing types. The COVID-19 pandemic has already had a devastating impact on housing finance, production, and the general economy and we are only a few weeks into this crisis. We have seen industries throughout the U.S. come to a screeching halt, including residential construction and building. This industry is more essential than ever because it provides good jobs and critically needed shelter at a time when homelessness, overcrowding, and housing insecurity will exacerbate the medical and economic crisis. We need to quickly harness best practices to provide badly needed homes that are feasible in the current recession. This bill follows the path of Los Angeles that passed a series of small lot streamlining measures to kick-start their housing and job recovery at the onset of the 2000 and 2009 recessions, with naturally affordable homes that did not require scarce public dollars. We must combat our state’s housing supply shortage, which contributes to and grows worse each day of this COVID crisis, by passing thoughtful legislation to reduce barriers to building that are proven effective in an economic recovery.

AB 2534 (Quirk-Silva) – California Master Plan on Homeownership

The Two Hundred, along with Habitat for Humanity, NAHREP, Black Chamber of Commerce, and California Hispanic Chambers of Commerce are proudly co-sponsoring Sharon Quirk-Silva’s Assemby Bill 2534, which establishes the Legislative Task Force on the California Master Plan on Home Ownership (CMPHO Task Force). The CMPHO Task Force will consider and evaluate current impediments to home ownership for all
Californians. Owning a home is a big part of the American dream,
but in recent years this has become significantly harder for Californians, particularly for families of color and millennials. The CMPHO Task Force will consider and evaluate impediments to home ownership in the state and develop a final report no later than March 31, 2021 that includes recommendations to increase home ownership for all Californians. See the fact sheet

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