On August 27th, members of The Two Hundred sent a letter to Mary Nichols, Chair of the California Air Resources Board (CARB). The purpose of this letter was to request for a meeting between The Two Hundred and CARB to discuss the disproportionate impact that CARB’s new scoping plan has on California’s most vulnerable communities.

KARMA TIME [June 17, 2019]

Food for thought …. Berkeley’s legacy of redlining is over 100 years old …. so, it’s no great surprise that NIMBYism and CEQA thwart UCB housing …. karma perhaps …. will millennials pay the price for these sins? …. who knew single-family homes weren’t the ideal …. we have a housing crisis, we agree, but what to do …. depends on if one rents or owns, perhaps …. or what side of the wealth gap one resides ….

SB 50 IN LIMBO? [May 17, 2019]

Food for thought ….SB50 is banished to the realm of the undead…. long live SB 50…. cities fear loss of control…. but lack the will…. bitter medicine perhaps…. looky how things have changed…. a zip code look at our housing crisis…. an interactive exposé…. cities triple down on fees…. supply and demand dysfunction…. make the scare commodity more expensive

CHANGING TIMES? [April 24, 2019]

Food for thought ….Is the world turning on its axis …. CEQA, the once saintly untouchable law is being challenged …. worse yet, it is being reined in by the courts …. the enlighten collective consciousness of rational thinkers has taken hold…. can it be …. and proposition 13, the third rail of California politics a source of the housing crisis …. not to worry we have a paradox …. Houston, we have a problem but what’s the rush


On Monday, March 11th at 5:00 PM at Cafeteria 15L in Sacramento, The Two Hundred held a legislative reception releasing our video Redlined, a Legacy of Housing Discrimination. The event was cosponsored by the California Legislative Latino Caucus, the California Legislative Black Caucus, the California Asian Pacific Islander Legislative Caucus, the California YIMBYs, and California Community Builders. Our guest speakers included Assemblymember Lorena Gonzalez-Fletcher, Chair of the Latino Caucus, and Senator Steven Bradford, Vice Chair of the California Legislative Black Caucus.

IT IS ALL ABOUT MONEY [March 25, 2019]

Food for thought …. Scholars debate whether income or inheritance is cause of racial wealth gap …. don’t forget segregated housing begets segregated education …. and second-rate jobs …. new twist on boot straps theory as in pull yourself up, up, up …. only problem with good education is debt, debt, debt …. The Great Recession meant loss of homes for people of color …. and 20 years of wealth lost …. the new Guv says no smoking as in prevent forest fires …. hope CARB gets the message ….

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