WHO WILL PAY THE COST TO BE GREEN? [February 15, 2019]

Cost of Going Green
We applaud Representative Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez’s effort to advocate for a Green New Deal, especially as it raises the discourse around climate change.  Some find it unrealistic and naïve, however we are pleased that it explicitly states that it should not burden the “poor and those struggling to get by.”  This is consistent with our position that the pain and cost of reducing GHG must be equitably shared across social and economic classes.

GOVERNOR TAKES ACTION [February 4, 2019]

Our Governor Sets a New Tone
We are very encouraged by our new governor’s bold decision to enforce the state housing laws – he gets thee gold stars and a pat on the back. It is only fair to give credit when credit is due. The real test will be when he gets push back from these wealthy cities. Does he have Marin county in his sights next?


Environmental Elitism 
CARB’s plan includes developing a per person pollution quota that requires local government to enforce. This plan also includes a vehicle per miles travel quota which would disproportionately affect low-income families who must commute from lower cost communities to feed their families. Would CARB propose such policies if it had more diversity of thought in upper management?


Are We Eating Our Seed Corn?
The M&MS (minorities, millennials and students) coalition is a natural alliance for The Two Hundred since they share the same concerns. Communities of color, particularly in California, are disproportionately young and eventually will become the backbone of our economy. We must take actions now to ensure that they are able to become homeowners since that is the tried and true avenue to build long term wealth. This is not just a morally good thing to do but practical. We need our future workers to be successful with enough wealth to support the multitude of retiring and aging baby boomers. Our current housing crisis is a result of short-term thinking. Are we going to keep repeating the same mistakes over and over again to our collective detriment? 

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