SB 50 in limbo?

SB 50 in limbo?

Food for thought ….SB50 is banished to the realm of the undead…. long live SB 50…. cities fear loss of control…. but lack the will…. bitter medicine perhaps…. looky how things have changed…. a zip code look at our housing crisis…. an interactive exposé…. cities triple down on fees…. supply and demand dysfunction…. make the scare commodity more expensive

Major California housing bill from Sen. Scott Wiener put on hold until 2020

By Alexei Koseff [May 16, 2019]

State lawmakers dealt a sharp setback Thursday to a San Francisco senator’s efforts to spur denser housing around public transit and in residential neighborhoods, shelving until 2020 a high-profile bill that would curtail local governments’ ability to block certain apartment and condominium projects.

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[INTERACTIVE] The Price We Pay

The Mercury News
By Katy Murphy and Kaitlyn Bartley [April 28, 2019]

Using an exclusive ZIP code-level analysis, we show how little most Bay Area families can afford — and how the housing crisis is transforming the region we call home.

Every evening after they say goodnight to their teenage daughter and wrangle their two sons off screens and into bed, Trevor and Jeneca Crump steal a moment for themselves. They turn on the nightly news. She plays Candy Crush on her phone. Then they lower themselves onto a makeshift bed of camping pads on the living room floor.

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California Nearly Triple the National Average: City fees an obstacle to development

By Louis Hansen [May 8, 2019]

Property manager and new developer Jeff Zell wanted to convert a recreation room into two studios in a San Jose apartment building he owns.

But a project he thought would take a few months and $75,000 has turned into a two-year, nearly $200,000 odyssey of frustration, fees and false starts. City charges almost killed the project, Zell said.

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