Why We Oppose SB 950

Letter to California State Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson

To Senator Jackson,

Re: SB950 is the new redlining 

Homeownership is called the American Dream. Why do you author legislation that denies this dream to families of color? 

Do you hate us? We care for your children, we clean your homes, we mow your lawns, we wash your cars and care for your elderly parents. We do any and all of the jobs you don’t want to do yourself – all at low wages with few, if any, benefits.

We do all this and yet you author legislation that increases the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) that Not In My Back MY Yard (NIMBY) white activists use to deny us access to their neighborhoods. CEQA is already NIMBY’s favorite and most effective weapon that denies us access to homes in their communities. It doesn’t need to be reinforced by your bill. A Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG) assisted study revealed 14,000 housing units were opposed by CEQA lawsuits.

Families of color have never recovered from the disproportionate financial impact of the recent Great Recession. Not too long ago, white families enjoyed six times the wealth of families of color. Today, according to the Pew Institute, this disparity has grown to more than 20 times. The pandemic crisis we are all enduring is having a much greater disproportionate impact on communities of color. Minority unemployment has always been high, but it is now stratospheric.

The economy will eventually recover, but recovery for white families looks much different than for families of color. According to Richard Green, a USC Professor and Real Estate & Urban Economist, if all discrimination ended today it would take over 20 decades for families of color to equal the wealth of whites. SB 950, if it passes, will make it next to impossible for communities of color to catch up. Is this what you want? Is this what you intend by sponsoring SB 950?

Please reconsider and withdraw your bill. Covid-19 has shown us that we are almost all in this together. We should begin by acting like it.


John Gamboa

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