Selective Gentrification?

November 30, 2018

Word is getting out about CARB’s scoping plan

The Two Hundred’s law suit against CARB, at its core, is about highly paid environmental bureaucrats unable and/or unwilling to account for the impact climate policies have on workers and lower-income populations. It is relatively easy to quantify carbon emissions, vehicle miles traveled and gas prices. However, the human cost – the psychological misery of stress and uncertainty – that rising costs places on families living on the margins is lost on self-righteous bureaucrats. The challenge is to creatively and equitably spread the burden of reducing carbon emissions to ALL Californians – not to disproportionately place that burden on those least able to defend themselves. Ironically, CARB has ignored legislative directives to minimize that pain.

Most workers who commute drive because of failed short sighted housing policies that force them to seek affordable housing. Senator Wiener has just announced that over the last 10 years one million Californians have left the state because of housing costs. Those that have left are disproportionately millennials and people of color. Is this selective gentrification?

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CARB’s bait-and-switch on climate change

When California’s signature climate change program was nearing its expiration date, there was serious debate about whether to extend it. This program, called cap-and-trade, reduces carbon emissions but it also increases the costs of gas, electricity, and numerous other necessities. That’s a significant problem in a state known for high taxes, onerous regulations, and the worst small business climate in the country.Fortunately, our elected representatives were able to work across party lines to craft reforms that would contain costs. With these safeguards in place, the Legislature voted last year to extend the life of cap-and-trade for another decade. This bipartisan legislation, AB 398, proves California can cost-effectively shrink our carbon footprint without shrinking our state’s economy ……..

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