Frank Williams

Frank Williams

Council Member

Frank Williams is an established leader in the mortgage banking industry, with over 25
years of experience, he is an unwavering advocate for creating wealth through
homeownership for underrepresented communities of people and families.
In 1990, Frank began his real estate finance career, emphasizing Wholesales Mortgage
Banking. His expertise and unparalleled customer service allowed him to grow quickly
within the industry.

Through his tireless work ethic and consistent successes, Frank has developed a track
record for bringing his clients’ dreams to fruition. With his formulaic recipe for
accomplishment, it came as little surprise that, just as many mortgage professionals
were exiting the industry after the market crisis of 2007, Frank saw it as an opportunity
to expand. Shortly thereafter, he founded Capital Direct Funding, Inc. in 2009.
He adamantly believes in building not only his family’s future, but also one for his
client’s, utilizing his vast experience to create a truly unique financing option. Today, as
Co-founder and Divisional Manager, Frank has made Capital Direct Funding into
California’s premier private lending firm, through his continued commitment to help his
clients succeed.

His family run business, Capital Direct Funding’s foundations are built on giving back to
the community by supporting several non-profits. He currently serves as President of
East LA Classic Theater, a non-profit that works with underserved school districts in
California. As a leader in the hispanic community who strives for sustainable
homeownership and creating a strong financial legacy, Frank was Past President for
Los Angeles’ National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals. Frank
Williams is a businessman, who has proven that he can assist the hard working
American at successfully see their dream turn into a reality.

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