The Two Hundred Holds Its 2019 Meeting Retreat

November 9, 2018

Where do we go from here?

Proposition 10, a well-intended but flawed rent control effort, failed at the polls. This provides Californians an opportunity to not only address the high cost of rent but also homes for purchase in a more strategic way. We need solutions that makes neither renters nor landlords losers. Kamala Harris’s renter relief plan is a short-term solution however it does not address the fundamental problem of lack of housing stock. It could provide a bridge or life raft to renters as longer-range efforts take hold. Elizabeth Warren’s American Housing and Economic Mobility Actis a much more comprehensive plan that acknowledges our government’s role in promoting segregation and discrimination through past housing policies like relining.
Most Americans are oblivious to the legacy or impact that redlining has on current generations of people of color in terms of health, the racial wealth gap and the ability to own a home.

Our current housing crisis will require public/private solutions at both the Federal and local level. Let’s not forget that this problem has historical roots and will require a sustained effort to resolve.

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