What is Old is New Again

What is Old is New Again

There is much talk about how to fix California’s housing crisis, and many people are now acknowledging it will require a massive effort to solve, which is a good thing. People of color have long known there was a crisis, especially as past efforts to “help” them often resulted in much collateral damage. Dan Walters alludes to this in his article below. Kim Veklerov’s article touches upon the phenomenon of segregation and resegregation which really is part of a long legacy of housing discrimination.

California Community Builders has just produced a short historical documentary that demystifies the lasting impact of government policies that communities of color have endured. The video not only delves into some of the psycho-social remnants of blatant discrimination of people of color but also into what it has done to the White community. Follow and click the link below to view the video – Redlined, A Legacy Of Housing Discrimination.

Bay Area housing prices push low-income minorities farther out, study finds

By Kimberly Veklerov [February 7, 2019]

The rising cost of housing in the Bay Area has dramatically resegregated neighborhoods by race and pushed minority families to the outer edges of the region, a new paper shows.

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Should California revive redevelopment?

Dan Walters [January 23, 2019]

An anything-is-possible attitude enveloped post-World War II America, fueling ambitious undertakings such as a nationwide network of freeways, nuclear power so inexpensive that it wouldn’t need to be metered, and exploring outer space.

It also spawned what was called “redevelopment,” a tool that would, it was said, clean up inner-city slums and help their residents enjoy the nation’s ever-expanding prosperity.

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